Mango Wood - The Sustainable Furniture Choice

The Sustainable alternative for wood furniture

Whilst it would be lovely to have all of our new home furniture in beautiful Teak or Mahogany the reality is that both of these are quite often taken from ancient woodlands or rainforests rather than FSC certified plantations. Even the most common furniture material Pine can be sourced from illegal logging in areas of protected woodlands but thankfully, a large majority does come from sustainable FSC certified plantations. So where does the furniture manufacturing business look to next???.

Over the past 10 years Mango Wood has been realised as an alternative for making furniture. Yes that's right the same trees that produce those delicious fruits also have a rather unique useful wood. The thriving Mango producing industry has the wood from their trees as a by-product. Typically a Mango tree will take 10-15 years to mature, reaching 80-100 feet. At this point the trees get too tall to easily harvest or stop bearing fruit completely. Previously the trees would be cut down and the excess wood burnt or left to rot, releasing CO2 back into the atmosphere, whilst new trees were planted in their place. Fortunately, over the years, manufacturers looking for viable alternatives have found that Mango wood is an excellent replacement for other hardwoods. This also has the benefit of providing additional income for the Mango farmers and most importantly maintaining the carbon sink by not burning the wood or leaving it to rot.

Did you know Mango trees absorb between two and seven times the carbon that is emitted during the growing, harvesting and shipping cycle, making them a fantastic crop to combat climate change. They are a super CO2 absorber!

Mango wood takes well to stains, varnishes, waxing and paint and has a unique texture deriving from its colour range of dark tones to light browns, golden browns, and sometimes even pink hues. Over time Mango wood will naturally get darker.

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